What is the use of the Coupons?

The coupons you have or received free with subscription can be used for 3 purposes.
1) To Send Photos for Approval: Photos can be uploaded for approval purpose and client can access and send their approval.
2) To Send album for Proofing/Approval: Album can be sent and approval can be requested from client.
3) To publish an eAlbum: Album can be published as digital book to enjoy viewing and sharing through mobile.



How fast can I create an Album?

With Album Xpress Suite, you have the option of creating Albums in a matter of minutes using Automatic Album Creation styles like Auto, and Ready style. Once you select the templates or themes and photos that go into the Album, Album Xpress Suite will do the rest for you.



I do not wish to use Album Xpress Suite ready templates or themes. Can I design my own template?

Sure. Album Xpress Suite has plenty of tools and options to help you with perfect composition and decoration. They include: Composition tools – Ruler, grid, guidelines, auto-resizing, Page and Object based alignment and so on. Decoration tools – Mask, border, cliparts, backgrounds, themes and so on.



Can I create Albums in sizes specific to My Album Company and my requirements?

Yes. Album Xpress Suite allows you to customize the Album size. Moreover, you could define your cover and page size including margins. You can also define the starting page in the Album, that is, whether the Album should start on the left page or on the right. Album Xpress Suite also allows you to save this new Album size for future use.



Could I use my own collection of cliparts in place of the Album Xpress Suite ones?

Yes. Album Xpress Suite allows you to import any decor such as
Background (any JPEG), Cliparts (any JPEG/PNG),
Frames (any PNG),
Masks (any PNG),
Any decor used in Album Xpress Suite will automatically be generated in 18 shades. You can also get your own templates or themes while working in Album Xpress Suite (use Free PSD to Ax Template conversion utility).



Can I color correct photos while designing my Album?

Sure. Album Xpress Suite provides two types of photo editors, which are a part of the software: Photo editing with RGB, BCG, Curves, and Levels Advanced editing with Lasso, Chroma, Touch up, Highlighter, Eraser, and plug-ins. Apart from these options, a color correction tool is provided from where you can also do instant BCG and RGB color correction to match the photos with the page background.



Is it possible to expand the size of mask or free transform the mask on photos?

Yes absolutely possible. Here the software allows you to adjust mask size as well as the border size according to the height width and size of the inserted photo.



I usually use ‘Portraiture’ plug-in available in Adobe Photoshop to color correct photos. Can I use photos corrected in this manner in Album Xpress Suite?

Album Xpress Suite directly supports ‘Portraiture’ as a plug-in. Hence, you need not exit Album Xpress Suite to correct the photos with your favorite plug-in. Besides, you may import any other plug-in of your choice within Album Xpress Suite.



How will I send the designed Album to the customer for his or her approval?

Album Xpress Suite lets you export the Album project as low-resolution PDF files. These files have the following advantages:
Low-resolution PDF files are good to view in any size and require no special software. Any PDF viewer can display such files and they can even be viewed on any mobile device.
Since it is in PDF format, the customer can add his or her comments on any page/photo.
A low-resolution PDF file does not give a good output on printing and hence you can be assured that for printing purposes, the high-resolution files for the Album can be sourced only from you.



Can I transfer my on-going Album project to my home PC to ensure quicker delivery?

Absolutely. You could transfer Album Xpress Suite projects to your home PC as while saving your project the software allows you to save the photos and decors as well.



Can I add an extra page to my already created Album Xpress project?

Yes. Video Xpress Suite not only allows you to add an extra page but you can also do full designing in Video Xpress Suite. This allows you to do multiple things in single software.



How can I Cancel the Subscription of Album Xpress Suite?

Subscription of Album Xpress Suite can be cancelled anytime. You can cancel the subscription from 'Account Details' section of 'My Account' in software or from our website "www.albumxpresssuite.com".